Thursday, May 28, 2009

seven characteristics of a loving person

I don't know where this list originated, but Rob shared it in our group discussion last night:

Seven Characteristics of a Loving Person








I have my own thoughts about these, but I'm curious to hear yours.
Do you agree with this list?
Would you add to it?
Subtract from it?
What is the value in defining a "loving person" in this way?
*Is* there value in such defining?
What is the value in striving to be a loving person?
Do you feel that you should try to be this kind of person? Why or why not?
If you are trying to be this sort of person, how would you evaluate your...hmm...success?
If you don't feel the need to be this sort of person, what goal have you set yourself instead? How would you evaluate your "success" in reaching your goal?

The floor is yours. :o)


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that these characteristics of a loving person are Christian based. Now I'm a Christian myself but I don't care for these charcrteristics of a lovinhg person. One can still be loving without being humble, courteous, generous, and so fourth. I don agree that in a loving being one must have the follwoing characteristics: kind, patients, honesty, but it's not limited to just those alone. I believe that characteristics in a loving person is define based off that person's personality; we're all going to differ but there will be those traits that remain the same in us all. Other characteristics that define a loving person for all are as followed: understanding, openminded, thoughtful, affectionate, willingness to give a helping hand, etc..

Anonymous said...

well, i don't disagree with your views, but i think being loyal, exemplary,approachable, sociable, reliable may also work depending on the way you explain them.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I just came across it. You may already know this by now, but these characteristics come from Gary Chapman's "Love as a Way of Life" book, which I am actually currently reading. Your readers had some interesting additions, but I do believe that anyone would become more loving by seeking to develop these characteristics. It's a great book, full of interesting insights and examples, definitely worth the reading for those looking to become more loving and develop stronger relationships.