Thursday, February 04, 2010

once again: searching for courtney

Yesterday's hype about searching for one's own name in an online dictionary (a practice now known as "urbaning," if you must know) made me get curious to Google my name again. (If you wanna read my other "Courtney" posts, do a search at the top of this page.) For your chuckling pleasure:

1. Courtney is a common given name, derived from an English surname.

2. Courtney is a rock musician and actress. I think we all saw that one coming.

3. Courtney is an award-winning author. YEAH BABY.

4. Courtney custom cycles. She'll cycle however you want, if you pay in her chocolate!

5. Courtney: drop-dead gorgeous. Oh, we are SO into humility these days. ;oD

6. Courtney is the prime example of why you should never do drugs, kids. Take heed, ye foolish, ye hapless and misguided!

7. Courtney: All Rights Reserved. Stop your infringing, and I mean it!

8. Courtney: I'm not a girl. Um. Except when I am.

9. Courtney, just entering the professional arena, is treated as a supercilious young starlet. And she has to look up words to define herself, too.

10. Courtney's house is a non-profit organization. That's for strawberry-torting sure. ;o)