Thursday, April 22, 2010

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This is my To-Read shelf.

The plan is to get through all of these books before the year is out--as well as whatever books I add to it as I go along. So far, I don't think I'm progressing very well. Just fyi.


"The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd
--story of 14-year-old Lily, who helps her surrogate-mother housekeeper escape from racist authorities while embarking on a quest to discover the truth behind her real mother's death
--Lily finds refuge at an apiary, which totally made me fall in love with bees.
--fascinating characters, fascinating world-building (did I mention the apiary?), and fascinating (not to mention infuriating) look at racism in the South of 1964
--I will never, ever understand how any human can possibly consider him/herself superior to another just because of a difference in skin color. If it weren't so tragic, and if it didn't lead to so many horrors in this world, it would be laughable.

I'll say it plainly: If you think you're better than someone else just because your skin is a different color, you're an idiot.

*ahem* But back to the book.
--love, hate, redemption, family, tragedy, grief, recovery, humor,'s all in there
--I was in love with this novel from start to finish. I wrote an article on it here: What I Learned About Writing This Week from Sue Monk Kidd. Read. I promise you won't regret it. ;o)
--back to the book again: HIGHLY recommend!

"The Walking Dead, Vols. 1 & 2" by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore
--story of Rick, his family, and a band of fellow survivors when the zombie apocalypse hits
--more about the survivors' struggles and psychological complexities of the survivors than about zombie goriness
--my latest foray into graphic novels, and I am enjoying muchly
--great tension throughout, exciting plot, excellent character development
--a scary look into how quickly humans (not the zombies!) degenerate and turn on each other when we're stripped of our luxuries
--recommend to anyone who enjoys horror, zombies, and/or psychology

"Treachery" and "The Fall of Gilead" by Stephen King, Richard Furth, Peter David, Jae Lee, Richard Isanove
--Volumes 3&4 of King's "Dark Tower" graphic novel series
--love the story, love the characters, love the art
--Jae Lee actually didn't work on Vol. 4, and I really hope they get him back for the rest of the series. The artwork just isn't quite as good without him.
--Dark Tower fans, you really oughta get in on this action, if it do ya.
--highly recommend to King fans, DT fans, graphic novel fans

"Taming Fire" by Aaron Pogue
--story of Daven, a kid with a shady? past who thinks he has finally found peace but instead is thrust into an adventure of self-discovery, magic, dragons, fair maidens, and power that changes the world (not to mention reality)
--my third Pogue novel, and I was not disappointed
--vivid epic-fantasy world, fresh take on magic (a fresh take which some of the characters despise!), and a main character who makes you love and cry and laugh with him
--Daven's magic is going to look oh so very awesome in the movie.
--highly recommend when you see it in bookstores!


2010 Book Count To-Date: 18.

Addendum, 04/26/10:
Discovered the link under Aaron's name actually led to one of my posts instead of his About page at Unstressed Syllables. Oops! Fixed it.

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