Wednesday, April 30, 2008

in which i ponder art and purpose

I am thinking about the act of writing.
I am thinking about music.
I am thinking about visual art, art on paper, art on canvas.
I am thinking about the multitude of ways in which we humans express ourselves in what is commonly known as a 'creative' way.

Genesis 1:1 reads, "In the beginning, God created..."
Genesis 2:26 reads, "God said, 'Let us make man in our image...'"

I have always thought that "in our image" refers to the fact that God created each of us with a soul.
I still believe that.

But I also believe this:

The first thing we learn about God from scripture is that he is a creative being. Since he made us 'in his image,' I believe this means that he made us to be creative beings.

Being a writer and an artist is, for me, paying homage to this fact. As a child imitates a father, so through my art, my creativity, I am imitating my Father by bringing forth something that, by human perception, wasn't there before. It is all by his design and through his workings in my spirit and in my life.

Every human, by Divine definition, carries a creative impulse within the soul. Every human. Without exception. Discovering that impulse is simply a matter of discovering how best to express it so as to bring glory to God.


Patricia said...

Since I can't decide which of the half-dozen emails addresses I have for you actually work, I thought I'd comment on here to ask you how early you can come up on Friday, the 16th. If you can be here by 5, I have a fun possibility in mind. If not, that's okay. Let me know either way at my gmail Love ya!

Brian said...

So you are saying in writing (the storytelling kind) you become God-like. You know every thought and motive, you can cause anything to happen, and you can be anywhere or even in multiple places.
Sounds like fun.
We really enjoyed having you and Ed visit. You’re (note correct usage since this is on your grammar and spelling gripes list) welcome back any time.
Brian Middleton

Court said...

Patricia: Every time I think about our Kansas city adventure, it makes me smile!!!

Brian: God-like, in a way, yes. But with all the human limitations that accompany each of us wherever we go, even into the writing world.

It *is* still fun, though. ;o)

Ed and I also enjoyed the visit with you and yours (correct grammar duly and happily noted)! We will definitely take you up on the welcome again. Thanks!