Thursday, October 09, 2008

important kilometerstone

Ten years ago right now, Ed and I were sitting in Chili's (for my German readers: it's a sort of Tex-Mex restaurant), eating supper. We had just left our wedding reception and gone to our hotel, only to realize that we'd had nothing to eat but cake and punch since lunch. (It would be years, however, before we realized that we were poets and didn't know it.) Figuring that the rest of the, er, evening would go better if we had something to eat, we took refuge at Chili's--Ed in his tux, I in my blue evening gown.

It's weird to think that we've been married ten years. I don't feel old enough to have been married ten years! I remember being a teen and thinking that people who'd been married this long seemed really old--not in a decrepit sense, but so much wiser and more sophisticated than I.

I guess I don't feel wise or sophisticated enough to have been married ten years.

Whatever that means. ;o)

It hasn't been ten years of so-called "wedded bliss." I don't believe such a thing exists. We've had our troubles, our infuriatings, our upsets, our hair-rip-outs. There've been times neither of us was happy.

Such is marriage.

Is it worth it?

Beyond doubt, it is.

Last Sunday, Rob preached a sermon about marriage, and he said something that I think might be the most significant statement about human relationships I have ever heard:

God designed marriage not so much to make us happy as to make us holy.

Marriage has taught Ed and me patience, self-sacrifice, respect, mercy, compassion, honor, courage, exhilaration, commitment. Perhaps we could have learned these elsewhere--and perhaps not. Perhaps God knew that we needed each other and our shared experiences in order to learn these things.

And there's more to learn. There are more *new* things to learn (especially if/when we have kids!). We're not finished--we've barely scratched the surface, chipped the tip of the iceberg, shaved the top layer off the cliche. ;o)

Ten years is but a small step (my grandparents celebrated 68 this August!). I hope and pray that God will bless us with at least ten more years of life, so that we can take another step. Another ten after that, another step. I'm thankful that Ed will be at my side for as many steps as God wants us to take.

I love you, honey!


Bri said...

Congrats. We hit our tenth as well this year (you know that). Hard to believe, and yet, I feel as if I've always been married to my hubby sometimes. Hard to remember what life was like before him. I enjoyed your comments.

Mintclartha said...

Congrats Courtney! I remember the first time we met Ed. You brought him to a Frankfurt cofC reunion and he met all of us at the same time-poor guy.

Rev Edward J Boyle said...

I love to hear things like this! I am never amazed at what a couple can do, when they both spend time to keep the Lord in the middle of their marriage.

Eccl 4:12 - And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. KJV

I had only been to your blog a few times in the last few months. A Christian friend of mine, David Luscomb (age 16), is putting together a group of OK chess players to play on Chess World. Trying to help out, I am putting together a list of players, and noticed you have not logged in for the last 50+ days. Do you have time to play? After all, you are the defending OK Women Chess Champion!

Side Note: Also, I will be working with the OK Scholastic Chess Org in Norman on Nov 15, 2008. How far away are you and Ed. The last 2 times I was in OKC, it was only for a few hours, and then I had to head back to Tulsa.

Once again, CONGRATS on the big Kilometerstone!!!

((I LOVE it!))

Best Regards,
Edward Boyle

susie said...

Congratulations Courtney! Hope you and your husband have many more years of becoming holy! :-) How true.

I've been visiting this blog off and on for the last few months. I enjoy what you write about.

BTW, I'm a TCK too, and will be adding this to my blogroll. Hope that's okay!