Tuesday, August 11, 2009

snippet of writing life

I don't know about everybody else, but for me it works like this:

I work at home, and I write. Sometimes, as I'm writing, I have ideas that I can't figure out within my story text. So I pop over to Facebook (or other sites) for a few minutes and let my subconscious ruminate on the ideas without me. When I go back to my story, the problems are worked out, and I can get back to writing. Facebook et al. distract my conscious mind so my subconscious can do what needs to be done.

That's my life. ;o)


Aaron Pogue said...

For the most part my experience is the same, but on a geological timescale. Which is to say, I come up with a clever idea for a story, maybe write a few words (or even a few chapters) and then stop writing completely for months or years.

Then one day I start again, and the whole story falls beautifully into place. Even with the near-perfect consistency of that second bit, the first bit is always frustrating.

Court said...

Yes, I can relate to the frustration.....but what I wouldn't give for that near-perfect consistency of the second part. Only a few times have I experienced everything falling into place like that--and if it happens, it's more likely to happen in the second draft than in the first. That's not true for every book...and maybe I'm only saying this now because the current book is such a challenge.

But a fun one. ;o)