Tuesday, October 16, 2007

moving maladies

How can two humans accumulate so much stuff over the course of six years??!???!?!!?!?!!!!!!!!!!?

The other day, Ed stood in the doorway of the bedroom and announced, "There is something wrong with me."

"What?" I asked, beginning to tick through possible maladies in my head.

But he quickly dispelled my concerns over any physical ailment: "I can't throw anything away."

Turns out that he found a drawer full of wires that he hasn't seen in nearly six years, but he has kept them all this time. "Just in case."

I think I must've shredded a hundred pages of documents today, stuff I'd stuck in a drawer at least three years ago and then forgotten about.

I have decided that Ed and I should no longer be allowed to own drawers.

And you may do with that pun whatever you wish. ;oD


Alisha said...

I couldn't believe the amount of paper I had to shred before we moved. I got tired of filling the trash bags as I went along, so I made a huge pile. Sharkdog thought it made a pretty nice bed.

Bri said...

You might as well make that rule about shelves as well then--and closets and anything else that holds anything!!! Maybe if you adopted all that feng shui nonsense--doesn't that help with clutter? Ha. From one clutterer to another... :-)

Court said...

Alisha: Yeah, Pippin had fun playing with all the empty boxes that sat around for awhile after we'd started unpacking. And then she gave us dirty looks when we took away "her" "playground equipment." G figure. ;o)

Bri: Yes, feng shui...or perhaps monastic asceticism. But without the self-scourging. ;oD