Thursday, July 16, 2009

hey programmers, two technical questions for ya

Edit: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a toolbar. I repeat, we have a toolbar. Thanks, Aaron!!!

1. How do I get the Blogger toolbar back? (Toolbar has search function and "next blog" option, etc.) I used to have it, but when I changed blog templates, it disappeared. If you'll tell me where to find the toolbar code and where it goes in the template code, I can probably fix it myself. If I can't, I'll ask. :o)

2. What would need to be done to set up a reply-to-comments function on Blogger?

Thanks! I give you all virtual chocolate.


Aaron Pogue said...

It did occur to me after I hit send that even though I'd filled up three or four pages of email, I hadn't actually answered the one direct question you'd asked me.

When you comment on a Blogger post, down beneath the captcha and "Choose an identity," there's a checkbox labeled "Email follow-up comments to...." If you check that before hitting "Publish Your Comment," you'll get follow-up emails (including a copy of your initial comment, for some reason).

It's a bit laborious having to do it every time, but I couldn't find an option to do it per-site or set it as checked by default.

As to question #1, I have no idea. Never messed with the HTML.

Also: Brunr.

Alisha said...

For your "reply to comments" questions, are you looking for threaded comments? For example, do you want a reply button at the bottom of this comment so you can reply directly to this comment? If that's what you're looking for, check out these sites:

1. -- This is about a year old, so I'm not sure if it still works since I'm sure Blogger has been updated over the past year.


Court said...

Alisha, thanks for the sites--I appreciate you taking the time to look into that for me. I've been following Aaron's suggestion and checking the "email follow-up comments" box, and that seems to be working well for me. I think that option has been available for a loooooooong time, I just never noticed it. That shows how observant *this* writer is. ;o)