Friday, August 10, 2007

i am so confused......

So this morning, I had an appointment with Dr. Adler, the premier ear-nose-throat specialist in Chemnitz. He shares his practice with Dr. Kopp, who diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis in February and told me it's time for surgery. But Dr. Adler ist the one who actually does the surgery, and he likes to meet with each patient in person at some point before the surgery takes place. So this was my pre-surgery visit, even though I'm still on the waiting list and the surgery isn't actually scheduled yet.

Well, Dr. A looked at my X-rays, did an ultrasound / visual exam of my sinuses / nose, told me that there is some swelling of the tissues in my sinuses (which I already knew), and pronounced that there's no need for an operation at this time (which floored me) as long as I keep using my nose shower.

I was so surprised that I totally forgot to question him on why his diagnosis is so different from Dr. K's.

But in retrospect, I don't think I need to know. I've decided that, since I've gotten two conflicting opinions here, I'm going to postpone the whole kit-and-caboodle and get a third--deciding--opinion from a doctor in Oklahoma. I'm quite perplexed about the whole thing and really wish that I didn't have to deal with this. But, as we all know, if wishes were equines, I wouldn't have to ride my bicycle everywhere, either.

So there ya have it, folks. Modern medicine strikes again. Strike three, yer out! ;oP


Clint and Martha said...

We're moving and we might be down to one car and a lot more dependent on our bicycles-your post made me think you ride your bike a lot and not just for recreation. What's it like?

Amy Nickerson said...

Sorry to hear about all this confusion over your nose! Sounds like you have a "running" problem with it...hehe, that was a silly joke :)

Anyway...just FYI...every time I get on your blog, it makes me crave chocolate. I vote for a new look so that I don't get fat because of your blog! hehe kidding. But seriously, that chocolate looks GOOOOOOD!

Court said...

Martha: Personally, I love it! Yeah, it sometimes takes a little extra bit of git-up-'n'-go, but once I've gotten up and gone, I start feeling really good about it. ;o) It's fantastic exercise, and it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something, a feeling I never get from simply driving a car.
I recommend getting a sturdy bike that's made for distance, though. Mine's a good bike, but it only has five gears, so it wears me out pretty quickly. Ed's bike has about 21 gears, and from where I'm pedaling, that's a pretty good number!
I wish you all the best for your move!

Amy: HA! With all the exercise you're getting, there's no way my little ol' blog could make you fat! But you're right, that chocolate does look yummy! Just the reason I picked it out! ;o)