Sunday, December 09, 2007

elvis is my friend

So, in Matt's livingroom is a life-size cardboard cut-out of Elvis. The King and I have spent a lot of time together lately, since Ed takes the car to work every day and there's no bus. I've asked him (Elvis, in this case, not Ed; although I occasionally ask Ed, too) to sing for me, but so far, he has not deigned to oblige.

Anyway, that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this to announce that, in case you haven't heard, Ed and I have an apartment! We got the keys on Thursday, and my parents helped us move in the few items of furniture we stored at my grandparents' six years ago. We're not actually living there yet, because we first had to get the electricity turned on, and then we went to Ed's family reunion over the weekend, so it hasn't been feasible to move over there yet.

Here's a funny thing, though, in case I haven't mentioned it yet (which I can't remember whether or not I did): Our new apartment is in the same apartment complex that we lived in before we moved to Chemnitz! And not only that, but the new apartment is right next door to the old one! It kinda weirded me out to walk into the new one: It's an exact mirror image of the old one. I'll have to be careful not to try going into the neighbor's apartment thinking it's mine. ;o)

Ed's family reunion on Saturday was lots of fun, if a mite overwhelming. There were 80 people there! In my family, it'd be unusual to have half that number. I'm culture-shocking anyway, but I really had to remind myself that being in a crowd wasn't a bad thing and that I didn't need to get upset about it. So I had a good time instead and was glad to be there. Ed's rough biker uncle dressed up as Santa and handed out candy canes to all the kids, and Ed sat on his lap, and much laughter ensued.

And once again, it was very nice to say bye to Ed's folks, to his sister and her kids, and to say 'see you soon' and have it be true. It won't be another two or three years before we see them again, and I am truly thankful for that.

I think we'll continue the moving-in process tomorrow evening, though I don't know yet when we'll move over for good and let Matt have his house back. ;o) It'll be before the end of the week, anyway.

In the meantime, I think I'll try to woo Elvis by buying him a nice string of beads.

P.S. The first time I heard U2's "Mysterious Ways," I was on a bus on a clas trip to Köln. I just thought I'd mention that.


April said...

I'm glad you now have an apartment and it will be soon when you can finally start settling into your own place! Love you guys and miss you!

Alisha said...

Hopefully your neighbor will keep his door locked so if you do accidentally try to go into his home you won't be successful. I got into someone's car once thinking it was my own. I was sitting in the driver's seat before I realized it wasn't my car! But I don't think anyone saw me. :)

Frau said...

This whole apartment thing is quite interesting. I even remember coming to visit y'all when you lived there. Have you started saying y'all yet? Thinking about often, even when emails don't come quickly enough!! Sorry, I'm trying! love you, Frau

Court said...

April: It feels good to be in our apartment and at least 95% settled in! Love you too!

Alisha: I lose my car in parking lots all the time!

Unfortunately, our neighbors in our old apartment leave their door open quite often....because they smoke. So they "want some fresh air" (their words), so they leave the door open. Which means that we walk through clouds of smoke when we come up the stairs. Oh how I do enjoy that.

Frau: Of course we say "y'all"--doesn't everyone? ;o)
And we're glad to hear from you whenever you have time!