Thursday, December 20, 2007

i am up to my old tricks...

...of staying up till all hours of the night. Or the wee hours of the morn, if you will. Or even if you won't. Either way, I've gotta get out of this nightowl routine again, or I'm never gonna get adjusted over here.

Speaking of adjusting, here's a funny thing, if you think this kind of thing is funny: While we lived in Chemnitz, I spent September through May of every year feeling almost unbearably cold, especially where the temperature of my poor footsies was concerned. No matter how much I bundled up, I was usually cold. The acquisition of a hot water bottle a few years ago was a great help, but I had to keep it filled with almost boiling water at all times, otherwise it was useless. ("The boy's Eustace, m'lord!" "'Useless'? I dare say he is!") So most of the time, I simply bundled up and froze and made sure as many people as possible were aware of my utter misery. (Sorry, friends.)

Since we've been here in OKC, I haven't been cold. At least, not as bone-deep, ice cold as I usually am this time of year. This is partially due to the fact that the weather here is a bit warmer than in Chemnitz, and partially due to the central heating prevalent in this part of the country. In most places here, including in my own apartment, I have been warm to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

Until this morning.

Yesterday, when I started unpacking boxes, I got too warm. The sun was shining outside, so the apartment got pretty toasty as the day wore on. Finally, I just switched the heating system off, and it has been off ever since. Today, I even had the windows open, so as to create a through-train (draft). Yup. On purpose.

Okay, now here's the funny thing: This morning (or, rather, yesterday morning, since it is already the 20th), while sitting at breakfast, I got cold.

And I liked it.

Because it felt like home.


Eileen said...

Hey *Court* - Only today did I realize that you BLOG. How did I miss out on this until just this morning reading through the email you sent? Well am I ever glad to be here at your site because I see it's quite a treasure trove.

I see you there unpacking boxes (congratulations on that arrival, by the way!) and I do feel for ya...Say, do you happen to have a timer? (maybe in one of them thar boxes) I do such projects for 15 minutes. And then repeat that as often as needed (sometimes at length).

Oh well, we have lots to talk about...more later! EE

NHRon said...

Hi Courtney,

I live in New Hampshire and it gets VERY cold up here during winter. My wife bought me a pair of electric socks (battery powered) and my feet aren't freezing any longer...! I think she bought them through the LL Bean website.

And, log back onto chessworld, we miss you!!!


Ja-9 said...

WOW!!! It's been a looooong time of not checking your blog and there have been lots of things going on... I am glad you are starting to settle but it's kinda funny to see that the *getting cold* makes you think of Chemnitz ;-)
I miss you sooo much... Thanks for keeping us updated. I will use this wonderful site to check on you guys again more often... Makes me feel like I am closer to you - closer to some HUGS! ;-)
Love ya...

Court said...

Eileen: Lovely to hear from you here! I didn't know that you blog, either. Thanks for the congratulatory the meantime, I am well and thoroughly unpacked! Physically, anyway. The mental unpacking still progresses apace. ;o)

I hope all's well with you!

NHRon: I understand the need for warm feet...that's why I am so very attached to my hot water bottle from September to April! ;o)

Ja-9: Nine, you are probably my most faithful blog-reader out there! Or at least my most faith commentor, since I don't know how many faithful lurkers I have. ;o) I miss you a whole lot, which reminds me that I want to call you soon. I will, I promise!