Friday, November 11, 2005

ich will euch updaten

Yeah, so only German-speakers will get why that's funny. Ah well. Sorry, friends. ;o)

Word Count: 17070

Currently this many words behind schedule: 1630

My parents are arriving this evening to stay for the weekend, so by Sunday night, I'll be even further behind. However, that's why God created Mondays, right?

My apologies to everyone who expected to hear from me this weekend. With regularly scheduled activities, NaNo, a sick cat, and preparing for company this weekend, I've had no time to communicate with anyone. I'll be communicado again in December. :o)


Amy Nickerson said...

May I say I'm happy I do know German to enjoy this title. Made me smile :) You're a silly goose!

Court said...

Honk honk!