Wednesday, November 30, 2005

oh, by the way.............

.....I'm done!!!

Final Word Count: 52,356! Woo hoo!

My brain is fried, my fingers hurt, and I think I should go get something to eat. Considering that during my last few NaNoing days, I've been fighting a sinus infection, I think I acquitted myself fairly well here! Yeehah, does this feel great!

Thanks to everybody who supported me this month, especially Ed, who gave me as much time as I needed, fielded phone calls and other similar interruptions, and put up with all my whining when the anti-muse struck. He's a keeper. ;o)

If you'd like to check out my NaNo profile and see my picture, my book interests, and my nifty you've-reached-50k-and-beyond blue bar, click here.

NaNoWriMo rocks!

Over and out.


hollska said...

Congratulations!!! When are you going to publish? Oh, and welcome home, Ed.

Court said...

Thanks for the congrats, Holly! Publish? Isn't that a foreign word? ;o) Just kidding. Actually, I do intend to publish this novel, but I have to finish it first. And then put my emotions aside and edit like mad. So it'll be awhile. But I'll be making an announcement when the big day arrives, however many years down the road that might be! ;o)

And I'm very glad that Ed is finally home. :o)

Patricia said...

Congratulations, Professor Higgins! :)

I'm glad Ed and Larry got back without their clothes! ;)

Court said...

Thank you, Eliza! ;o)

I told Ed what you said about the clothes, and he sniggered. He actually sniggered! ;o)