Monday, November 07, 2005

today's final tally

Naps: 1
Bible Studies: 2
Meals: 2
Conversations with Jehovahs Witnesses: 1
Snacks: 2
NaNo Forum Visits: 2
Yawns: uncountable
Word Count: 13237

This means I've officially surpassed the measly 12.5k word count that I managed during last year's NaNo. I rock. ;o)


Amy Nickerson said...

I almost felt like this post was one of those Kodak commercials. Do you remember seeing those ever? z.b.:
One Haselnuss Milka bar: 65 EUR cents
One can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles: 1.70 EUR
Eating snacks while writing a book in a month: priceless

Joel Muller said...

Hey Courtney,

I finally got my butt in gear. I sat down and fired off 2000 words this afternoon.

Court said...

Amy: Priceless indeed, and I do remember those commercials! LOL

Joel: Way to go! I didn't even know you were participating, until Leenda told me you had the NaNo icon on your blog. I'll have to head over there and see if you've posted a word count update! Got any marauders in your story??? ;o)