Sunday, July 01, 2007

bloomin' plants!

My aloe aristata are blooming!
I didn't even notice those nifty stalks growing until, suddenly (it seemed to me), there were these nifty bloomy thingies at the top.

Why is this event blog-worthy, you might ask? Well, because I, Faithful Readers, was once in possession of a rather black thumb.

Over the years, I've had steadily more and more success in keeping plants alive. But flowering plants have always been the bane of my existence. Especially succulents (of which the aloe is one). I also have a jade, which I nearly killed; and the aloe barely scraped by when I first got it. (It started life as a single plant and eventually grew into seven.)

I've known for a long time that the aloe were propsering (the growth from one plant into seven was a pretty good clue), but I had no idea they were doing well enough to bloom. I didn't even know that these plants could bloom!

So, I'm excited. It's official: I am no longer a bane to the plant world. I don't kill plants anymore. I have a green thumb! Yay me.

Yay for my aloe aristata! Aren't they beautiful!


April said...

That's really pretty! Good job, Court!

Patricia said...

Was it you who had the pant named Fred?

Patricia said...


B said...

LOL Patricia!

Court said...

April: Thanks! I was fairly pleased with how they were doing at the time. But last weekend, I had to re-pot one of them because of root rot. So much for the "green" thumb! ;o)

Patricia: Um, I don't usually name my pants, but yes, I once had an adorable little ivy named Fred. ;oD