Thursday, July 05, 2007

a great movie, and reminders

This week, I borrowed "Nicholas Nickleby" from Karen and watched it twice, once with April and once with my parents (who are here now, but more on that at a later date). This is the one that was filmed just a few years ago. I won't go into detail, but I have to say that I highly enjoy this movie! I shall purchase a copy for myself. Here are a couple of the fantastic one-liners I remember from having seen the film twice:

John Browdie to Wackford Squeers: "He said thee weren't fit to live with pigs. I said thee were!"
Wackford Squeers: "Thank you!"

Mrs. Crummles: "Let us use our bodies as instruments and quiver together until music comes out!"

I love that music line. ;o)

Change of subject:
Note to self:

--> blog about 'Jekyll & Hyde'.
--> blog about Scotland.
--> blog about parents.


Bri said...

Okay, any movie with character names like that has to be watched. The names reek of interest...

Court said...

You would definitely enjoy this one, Bri. I recommend watching it with subtitles, though. If you're not used to some of those dialects, it can get a bit confusing!