Sunday, January 01, 2006

Holiday History

Episode Three: Post-Christmas...New Year's, Actually

Images from December 31, 2005! In the final hours of 2005 (CET), a bunch of us gathered at the church building for a Chili Cook-Off (April won! Pam placed 2nd, and Frau & Ed tied for 3rd), games, fireworks, and general crazy fun. Click the pics for larger images!

Chowin' down! My chili didn't place in the contest....BUT I ACTUALLY MADE CHILI! FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yay me. ;o)

Clint during our "Win, Lose or Draw," mocking someone who shall remain nameless. ;o)

Conny and Jennifer being cute!

Ed and Frau "get a clue." LOL

Van and I being cute!

Some of Van's fireworks!

The church grounds didn't look the same after Ed, Clint, and Larry had finished off their stash of fireworks. ;o)

Ed enjoying pyromania.
Interpretive New Year's Dance by April and Marion.

Sparkly girls!

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