Monday, March 17, 2008

keeping the joy alive

And, speaking of geekdom, here's a little something I just have to re-post every few years. I share it because this guy, whose name I believe is Gary, just makes me really happy. Every time I see this, I smile...

...and I sing and dance along. Huzzah!

"Gary" sings "Dragostea Din Tei".


Anonymous said...

oh man courtney, it's SO true. this is one of the best things to revisit EVER!

as I watched it (singing along and laughing out loud to boot) this time I also remembered that it probably holds such a special place in my heart since the actual song was on the radio in Germany before I saw Gary's rendition the first time. and then everytime I'd hear it after that I couldn't help but smile and think of his funny moves... (plus Amy and I used to dance around our apartment singing it too...)

ohh fun times.

hope you guys are doing well.
(ps had my first rcs breakdown moment last week, might call and discuss sometime...what's your number?)

Ja-9 said...

hihihihihi.... WONDERFUL!!! I almost forgot about him... Thanks for reposting ;o)

The Raabs said...

When I watched this it says "Fat Dutch guy singing..." - leave it to the Dutch (although making people laugh is not really a strong point as a people).

Court said...

Allison: Yup, that's one reason both song and video have a special place in my heart: because I first heard and saw them both in Germany! Plus, Kai Thiele used to sing it ALL the time, and it always cracked me up!

I can't remember if I ever sent you my number or not...?

Ja-9: That's why I repost: so the legend never dies. ;o)

Scott: Hee hee, that's funny! You're welcome!